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The EASIEST way to design your dream wedding flowers.

“You will never leave without loving your flowers!”

In a few simple steps, you are on your way to beautiful wedding flowers.

  1. Give us a call or email and check the availability of your date.
  2. Send us your saved photos – You all have them! (Pinterest, Insta, FB…)
  3. We’ll pick a package that fits your likes and send you an estimate. **Remember, our pricing includes a boutonniere for each bouquet.
  4. Pay your deposit and pick a date for your party. *2-3 days prior to your wedding day.
  5. Simply, SHOW UP!! Up to 15 guests are welcome. (no children under 12 please; we’re just too boring for them!)
  6. Pick up your beautiful blooms and brag about your design talent all day!

*Check the photos gallery for photos of past parties.