Fall and Winter Wedding Flowers

It’s turning color and there is talk of snow! Fall and winter….wonderful time for weddings. I get questions and concerns all the time about the temperature. Isn’t it too cold? Will my flowers freeze during pictures?
To be quite honest, the cool temperatures are so much better for flowers. When I explain that our coolers are set at 36 degrees I see eyes arch in surprise.
If you’re thinking about a fall or winter wedding, go for it. Your flowers will love it. Of course temperatures dipping below freezing WILL freeze your flowers but if it is freezing you probably won’t be out in it anyway.
At Designs Inspired by You, we always help with the care of your flowers. Whether it’s summer and we need to keep them cool for you or winter and we have to cover them for you. It is very important to know what the temperatures will do to your flowers. When we have you in for a flower party we talk about the care and help you to understand what you need to do until photo time.