Covid, elopements, and micro weddings.

Many gals have dreamed of their wedding day since elementary school…or earlier! Here comes 2020….BOOM…you have the ring, you thought you had a date and now your dream has taken a left turn.

Our flower shop is different from a traditional retail florist and we highly depend on our brides for our business model to work. You see, we have flower parties and have brides and her “maids” come in and design all your bouquets and oftentimes, centerpieces, for their wedding. With the regulations put into place last year, not only have our bridal couples had to rethink their dream wedding, DIY has had to rethink some of our options.

We have put together some COVID elopement specials that include a bridal bouquet and boutonniere only. We design it, the bride just picks it up. We are also tossing around the idea of “at home” virtual parties. You pick a package, we get the flowers for you, and then send a video for you to follow along with our step-by-step instructions.

We have also designed a few smaller micro weddings for in home nuptials.

Just recently, January 2021, a beautiful bridal bouquet, a few centerpieces, an initial on the front door and a mantel adorned with luscious overflowing flowers and BAM….it still became the bride’s dream wedding but in a smaller version.

We’re here and we want to be your lifeline to beautiful flowers for your “dream” wedding. Even if your dream has turned a little, to a quaint celebration. Our website will show all our packages and the COVID packages we included in 2020.

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