Covid, elopements, and micro weddings.

Many gals have dreamed of their wedding day since elementary school…or earlier! Here comes 2020….BOOM…you have the ring, you thought you had a date and now your dream has taken a left turn.

Our flower shop is different from a traditional retail florist and we highly depend on our brides for our business model to work. You see, we have flower parties and have brides and her “maids” come in and design all your bouquets and oftentimes, centerpieces, for their wedding. With the regulations put into place last year, not only have our bridal couples had to rethink their dream wedding, DIY has had to rethink some of our options.

We have put together some COVID elopement specials that include a bridal bouquet and boutonniere only. We design it, the bride just picks it up. We are also tossing around the idea of “at home” virtual parties. You pick a package, we get the flowers for you, and then send a video for you to follow along with our step-by-step instructions.

We have also designed a few smaller micro weddings for in home nuptials.

Just recently, January 2021, a beautiful bridal bouquet, a few centerpieces, an initial on the front door and a mantel adorned with luscious overflowing flowers and BAM….it still became the bride’s dream wedding but in a smaller version.

We’re here and we want to be your lifeline to beautiful flowers for your “dream” wedding. Even if your dream has turned a little, to a quaint celebration. Our website will show all our packages and the COVID packages we included in 2020.

Fall and Winter Wedding Flowers

It’s turning color and there is talk of snow! Fall and winter….wonderful time for weddings. I get questions and concerns all the time about the temperature. Isn’t it too cold? Will my flowers freeze during pictures?
To be quite honest, the cool temperatures are so much better for flowers. When I explain that our coolers are set at 36 degrees I see eyes arch in surprise.
If you’re thinking about a fall or winter wedding, go for it. Your flowers will love it. Of course temperatures dipping below freezing WILL freeze your flowers but if it is freezing you probably won’t be out in it anyway.
At Designs Inspired by You, we always help with the care of your flowers. Whether it’s summer and we need to keep them cool for you or winter and we have to cover them for you. It is very important to know what the temperatures will do to your flowers. When we have you in for a flower party we talk about the care and help you to understand what you need to do until photo time.

Thinking about DIYing your wedding flowers?

You’ve just gotten engaged; now what?

As you go through the check marks of what vendors you need, you get to the Flower category.  You begin paying deposits on the venue, photographer and baker then you get invitations and the big one….your dream wedding dress!  You’ll get around to the flowers soon.  You’re thinking, “Hey, let’s do these ourselves!”  I’ve heard, “We can order on line.  They deliver to your door!” Or, “We will just Youtube the how-to’s on flower arranging”.

There are some wonderful companies that can send quality product, HOWEVER, then what?  Here’s some questions to ask yourself….

  • What happens if the wrong color comes and it’s days before the wedding?
  • You’ve just unpacked your flowers and some look a little distressed, now what do you do?
  • Now your product is delivered, all is looking good, all the right color and quantity but, HOW do you design the flowers?  Of course anyone can hold the stems together and wrap them in a ribbon.  Truly, there is a correct way to do this.
  • You believe you have them finished (and not in record breaking time I’m sure).  Where are you storing them?  Do you have a temperature controlled cooler?  You AREN’T putting them in your refrigerator are you?!–it’s not the same.  I’ve seen many a flower frozen in a refrigerator.

Here at Designs Inspired by You, we love hosting flower parties.  With over 35 years experience in all aspects of the floral industry, we know how to TALK FLOWERS!  It’s not about “cheap or wholesale” flowers, it’s about affordable flowers in an event atmosphere.  The results and feedback we’ve gotten are stellar.  It’s not only a great way to kick off your wedding weekend, (we want you to have your party a few days prior to allow your flowers to drink fully and begin to open beautifully) it’s also a great way to get some of your wedding party together that may not know each other well. (Remember, sometimes we have childhood friends, college friends, cousins etc. that have never met each other before your wedding.  When wedding day comes, everyone is comfortable with each other and kick the festivities off immediately.

We are pretty biased here but take a look at our reviews on Facebook, Google, The Knot, Wedding wire and Pinterest or just visit our web site to look at photos and read reviews.  We think you’ll like us too!!